The following BINs are blocked from processing refunds;

431416 - Discovery debit card

405266 - Access Bank debit card

These BINS cause format errors due SMS transactions being sent to Nedbank as DMS transaction - PASA has placed a restriction on these cards refunds and until such time that this has been agreed and updated with PASA, we may not process these refund requests.

Peach have implemented a detection check on all refunds to identify and reject these requests upfront, rather than cause customer inconvenience and queries later.

What do we see?

The transaction returns a "successful" result, however the transaction does not reach the issuer/card. 

How do merchants then refund there cards/BINS?

A manual refund needs to be processed by the merchant e.g .EFT

What is being done to resolve this?

We await the issuing banks to finalise negotiations with PASA