You can access the newly launched Peach Payments Dashboard here -

In the new Dashboard, merchants and their developers (subject to user rights) are able to view and filter transactions, perform refunds (ISO Merchants), generate proof of refund documents, send and view payment links, configure ones setup with their integration and add and remove users (only possible if the user is setup as the owner or an administrator).

The first user of the merchant account added to the Dashboard will be assigned the role of the 'owner.' Should the user want to change their role, they can transfer the 'owner' title to another user. There can only be 1 user with the role of 'owner.'

Topics Covered in this Article:

  1. Login/accessing the Dashboard
  2. Filtering and locating transactions
  3. Performing Refunds and Proof of Refunds
  4. Adding/Removing Users
  5. Payment Links

1. Logging into the Peach Dashboard

  • The user will be directed to the below login screen when accessing the dashboard

  • Once your email address has been entered, you will receive a 'magic link' via email as shown below, which will grant you access to the dashboard. 

  • The dashboard is password-less and will automatically log a user out, the following day
  • The user will then follow the same process to log back into the dashboard

2. Locating and Filtering Transactions

  • Once logged into the Dashboard, the transactions for the current day will be displayed as shown below

  • To filter for transactions, the user can make use of the 'custom range' tab where you can filter via the date

  • The user can then select a start and end date

  • After selecting the start and end date, the Dashboard will load the transactions for that specific date range

  • Further filters can be found in the search bar and the "More filters" tab. Users can filter via payment type, payment status, amount, Transaction ID, Unique ID, Email address, Customer Name and Surname and more.

  • Users can also export transactions by clicking on the download button highlighted in below

3. Refunding a Transaction and Proof of Refunds

Please note, if you are wanting to cancel a refund depending on your acquiring service will depend if this is possible. 

  • Absa - Absa is not able to cancel a refund.
  • Peach Payments Aggregation account which uses Absa - Absa is not able to cancel a refund.
  • FNB - FNB is not able to cancel a refund.
  • Nedbank - Nedbank is able to cancel a refund and can take up to 5working day to cancel the refund.

Please note the below payment methods are available for refund:

  • Card transaction - Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners
  • Mobicred
  • Scan To Pay (Masterpass)
  • Apple Pay
  • Payflex
  • 1Voucher
  • PayPal
  • Aplus store cards - only available for Pepkor group

Scan To Pay (Masterpass)

Refunds are not allowed on Debit cards. You can process a reversal on the debit card, however, it can only be done within 6 hours of the original transaction date via Masterpass service.

Let us know if there is anything we’ve left out- this document is in a constant state of development and feedback would be appreciated!


Please note the below payment methods are NOT available for refund:

  • Instand EFT
  • EFTSecure
  • Blink by Emtel
  • Zeropay

Processing a Refund - this is dependent on the User rights that are assigned to the specific user on the Dashboard. 

  • Merchants (subject to user rights) can perform refunds by clicking on the below highlighted "refund" button

  • The user can perform a partial or full refund by filling in the amount. A reason for the refund must also be given

  • Once the refund has been processed, the user can download the Proof of Refund instantly 

  • The Proof of Refund Document which will generate as a downloadable PDF, will look like the below:

4. User Access and Permissions

The new Dashboard allows for various user roles to be assigned to members in the merchant organization. Roles can also be joined to allow for custom access to suit the merchants needs.

Please see the below useful links to an article and a video which explains in depth, the steps how to add new users, assign roles and more.

Peach Payments | Identity & Access Management Video

Peach Payments | Identity & Access Management Article

5. Payment Links

Sending Payment links is even easier than before with the new integration right into the Peach Dashboard. Payment links are used by merchants to send a "payment link" to their customer, to pay for goods or services rendered by the merchant.

  • The Payment Links tab can be located on the left under "Transactions" as highlighted below
  • Users can create one payment link at a time, or upload a file for bulk payment links

  • Creating a payment link is easy. The user just needs to complete all the necessary fields such as transaction amount, Invoice ID, the expiry date of the payment link and the customers information

  • Users can send a payment link to the customer via Email, SMS or WhatsApp!
  • Users can also add attachments and additional notes to the payment link as seen below

Bulk Payment Links

  • Bulk payment links allow users to send up to 1000 payment links at once
  • The file must be uploaded in a .csv format
  • There are templates available to download when uploading the bulk payment links file

Please see the below tutorial video which explains how to upload bulk payment links

Bulk Payment Links Tutorial Video

Should you have any further questions, suggestions or recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us via