I've received a payment link, how do I pay

1. Click the payment link. A payment status page opens. Agree to the terms of service, if necessary, and click Pay now to make payment.


                                            Payment status page.

2. Fill in the required payment information and click Pay now to pay the invoice.

3. If the payment is successful, a payment successful page appears

                                              Expired payment link

 I clicked "Pay now" in a payment link but ended up closing the

 checkout window; the payment link is now stuck in a

 "Processing" state and I cannot attempt the payment again

If you click the Pay now button in the payment link, you're taken to checkout. If you close the checkout browser window, the payment link remains in the "Processing" state and the Pay now button stays inactive until five minutes have passed. Wait five minutes, then re-attempt the payment.

If you cancel the checkout, the payment link becomes active immediately and you don't have to wait before attempting the payment again.

Why doesn't the Payment Links API support all the Checkout API parameters

Although Payment Links uses Checkout to collect payments, it features a standalone API that is not the same as the Checkout API. 

The Payment Links API supports the defaultPaymentMethod and tokeniseCard Checkout parameters, but does not support the other Checkout parameters, for example, forceDefaultMethod. If you'd like to see more functionality added to the Payment Links API contact support .

I uploaded a bulk payment links CSV file, but received a

 Completed with errors message 

If the status of the bulk payment file is Completed with errors, identify the errors as follows:

   1.  Click the bulk payment file row.

   2.  In the details panel that appears, download the error details TXT file and the CSV error file.

   3.  Review the error file to identify the rejected rows.

   4.  Review the error details file to understand the rejection reasons.

   5.  After fixing the issues described in the error details file by changing the error file, submit it for             processing. This ensures the processing of all the rows in your original bulk payment links file.