What is needed for subscriptions to work

  • You need to have Peach Payments Magento plugin and Paradox lab plugin installed on your Magento store.
  • All subscription products are added on the Magento store and subscriptions are handled by the Paradox lab module.
  • Tokens are stored in the Magento vault.

How to configure:

  • Install the Peach m2 plugin on your store.
  • Then purchase the paradox lab plugin.
  • Enable the server to server option in the Peach Plugin Config.
  • Configure authentication credentials such as entityId, secret token, Bearer token, 3D entityId, recurring entityId.
  • Adds subscription products on store
  • Paradox labs plugin handles recurring subscriptions once customer purchases on the store.

How it works 

  • Customer adds a subscription product to their cart.
  • Once the product is in the cart, the customer selects the subscription period. This should have been configured using the Paradox labs plugin.
  • Customer adds product to cart, then checks out.
  • If there is a subscription product in the cart, only the card payment option is displayed on checkout.
  • Merchant/Customer pays for the product and the subscriptions run on specified dates.