Dear Valued Merchant

At Peach Payments, we strive to continuously provide world-class, leading payments infrastructure that offers a secure and seamless experience for our merchants and their customers.

One of the major initiatives that we are currently undertaking (in line with global payment standards) is switching over our merchants to the VISA and Mastercard mandated 3D Secure Version 2 authentication flow.

This mandated switchover requires all merchants to transact on 3DS 2 by Oct 14 2022:

This is to notify all FNB acquiring merchants that switch over has occurred, due to the changes, refunds are currently not available if the same transaction ID is being used. This means that if:

Example below:

Initial transaction ID is - 1234 and you attempt to do a refund, it will reuse the transaction ID and it will fail.

For the moment, we ask all merchants to either remove the transaction ID being sent or to do manual refunds to customers if required. We understand the urgency and all parties involved with the Cybersource connector are working to have this resolved. 

Part of the 3DS 2 benefit is to see a higher approval of transactions.

Part of that requirement is to add customer billing details to the transaction.

This means that for FNB merchants on 3DS 2, customer billing details are required.

What is 3DSecure 2?

Useful article for more information on 3DSecure - 3D Secure (3DS) FAQ's

3DS 2.0 offers additional fraud protection by analysing the customer’s contextual data using risk-based authentication and prompting them to verify their identity only on high-risk transactions, avoiding the need for every customer to actively authenticate.

What does 3DSecure 2.0 look like?

  • There is 1 extra step in the Checkout process (adding billing info), no pop ups and no OTP or fingerprint needed!

  • When a transaction is trusted the customer will continue on the Frictionless Flow (No OTP or Biometrics required to authenticate)

  • If a transaction is deemed suspicious or high-risk, the customer is then required to authenticate (OTP or Biometrics) in the Challenge Flow.


Please ensure that you have completed the above before the 12th of October 2022 so that we can be sure you are ready for the migration before the 14th of October.


Thank You for using Peach Payments as a Payment Gateway. We look forward to continuing to scale with you!


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions on


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