Preauthorization/Authorization (PA) transactions are used to block funds on the user's card without actually "charging"/"settling" the funds to your bank account.

Once an amount has been authorized then you can capture/settle the funds with a CP transaction type. The amount for the Capture can be any amount up to the original authorization amount.

Now the time limit available to "capture"/settle the funds depends on the length of time that an authorization code is issued for by the issuer and card scheme.

This varies from issuer to issuer and scheme to scheme so we can't give you a definitive answer but between 7 to 14 days is normal.

For VISA the maximum time to reverse/capture a PA is 8 days
For Mastercard the maximum time to reverse/capture a PA is 30 days

IMPORTANT: If you use an authorization code outside of a validity period the actual settlement will work however in case the user disputes the transaction then this could be a factor for the bank in determining whether the dispute results in a chargeback or not.