This article gives information needed when changing your domain name (website address link / URL) as far as your peach payments integration is concerned.


A few factors to consider :


- Transaction processing : no changes needed 


Our systems will pick up and record relevant URL from your payment request data. If all changes are in order on your systems, this will be reflected in our logs. We recommend that once the switch is made, you do a test transaction for confirmation.


- 3DSecure page, URL and merchant name


On the 3DSecure page displayed from the bank to their customer, your URL and company name are displayed. 

These would need to be changed accordingly, to the new website details.

This will be done on peach payments systems. Peach Payments PaySafe merchant name can be changed by you, whenever you would like to.


- Acquirer descriptor 


This is the reference name that appears on the customer's statement, once they have successfully been debited.

Let us know what you feel would be best. We recommend that you set this to reflect the website that the customer is purchasing on, to avoid the customer disputing the charge at their bank, because they could not easily recognise the the website, from the descriptor.



Any information on why the change was made may be helpful in us supporting you better going forward.

Any legal entity changes may also require further contract considerations.