Dear Merchant, 

Since the launch of the WooCommerce V3.0.0 extension for WordPress, we have constantly been making minor updates in order to improve the payment experience for your customers. 

We are proud to announce the release of the Peach Payments WooCommerce V3.1.0 which contains important enhancements and fixes, including

  • Added support for CheckoutWC.

  • Added support for the processing of mixed baskets. Your customers are now able to check out if they have both subscription and single purchase items in their basket.

  • Added support for 3DS 2.0.

  • Updated the SSL handling function.

  • Updated Webhook handling. This provides better support in instances where customers close their browser during the payment process.

What you need to do

Please update the Peach Payments plugin to use the latest released version.

When to expect this update

This update will be ready on 17 October 2022 at 1pm. It will be available in the WordPress plugin repository and you should see a plugin update notification on your Wordpress dashboard.

Feel free to email with feedback or questions.

We’re here to help you succeed online