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Please ignore this mailer; If you do not do Card Storage and/or Recurring Payments, and/or are using a Peach plugin (Shopify, WooCommerce and/or Wix), and/or you have already successfully implemented the fore-mentioned changes.

Dear valued Peach merchant 

This email serves as a reminder to previous communication that was shared with regards to mandated changes to your API calls for Subscription/Recurring/Tokenisation payments. This mandate is in relation to Credentials on File (CoF) and impacts merchants who use Tokenisation and/or Recurring Payments.

As we are fast approaching the Card schemes (Visa and Mastercard) Mandated hard cut-off deadline of 22 September - Please may you urgently implement the changes detailed in the below article, as the closer we approach the deadline the higher the risk of chargebacks and/or other potential Card Scheme rejections.

What is Required from You/The Merchant:

  • If you use Tokenization and have a custom integration using our Copy and Pay, and/or server-to-server, and/or our Mobile SDK API, please implement the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) mandated changes outlined below with regards to Tokenisation and Recurring Payments.
  • Please refer to the below article for more information on what is required from you/the Merchant for CoF, and why VISA and Mastercard  are making these changes: