If you have already switched over, please ignore this reminder. If you have not, please ensure that you do.

At Peach Payments, we strive to continuously provide world-class, leading payments infrastructure that offers a secure and seamless experience for our merchants and their customers. 

One of the major initiatives that we are currently undertaking is switching over our merchants to the new Paypal REST connector. The reason behind this migration is to introduce new latest features and functionalities. Paypal REST introduces new functionalities that provide additional buttons for deferred payments via Paypal wallet that include "Pay Later" buttons, pay in instalments and Paypal checkout. Paypal REST also enables the merchants to do a subscription model where merchants may offer individual subscription plans. For the feel and to see these new features you can visit this Paypal demo URL where can select any item and procced to add cart https://demo.paypal.com/gb/demo/go_platform/pcRestClientV2/home 


We have technically assessed your integration and we observed that some minor extra work will need to be required. Merchants will need to sign up with the link provided by Peach Payments, once merchants receive the sign up link they will follow the steps and this will notify Peach payment about sign up completion. Please find the link on guiding steps on how to sign up to Paypal merchant onboarding https://support.peachpayments.com/a/solutions/articles/47001209803


This switchover is prepared to start from the 01st of March 2022 and the due date is the 31st of March 2022, with no expected disruption to operations and transactions processing. Peach payments will continue to monitor the system very closely to ensure no negative processing impact is being caused during the migration.

To ensure that the switchover is completed smoothly for all our merchants and to maximise on the benefits generated by moving over to Paypal REST, we require only these sign up changes.

Please do reach out to your Peach Payments Account Manger, or email us at support@peachpayments.com  should you have any queries about this. 

We look forward to Peach Payments continuing to work hand-in-hand with your business, continuing our journey of growth.

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Thank you!

The Peach Payments Support Team