If you have already moved over to the updated SDK version, please ignore this reminder. If you have not, please ensure you have or you will not be able to process transactions.

At Peach Payments, we strive to continuously provide world-class, leading payments infrastructure that offers a secure and seamless experience for our merchants and their customers.

We have sent out communications around updating our MSDK version as we noted you are using an outdated version.

The request to update the version is due to new mandates from Visa and Mastercard and are related to 3DS 2.0 requirements.

Failure to update will result in failed transactions and not being able to process any card transactions.

One of the major initiatives that we are currently undertaking is switching over our merchants to the 3D Secure 2 standard, as part of a global roll-out. To find out more about 3DS 2 and why switching to this standard will add considerable value to your business, please have a look at this support page we have put together for you: https://peachpayments.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/47001198732

You must ensure you are using the latest version of the Mobile SDK, and then make the required changes as outlined in the technical documentation that can be seen at: https://peachpayments.docs.oppwa.com/tutorials/mobile-sdk/emv-3ds 

Your switchover date, after consultation with the bank is set for 31 March 2022, with no expected disruptions to operations and transaction processing. We will continue to monitor our systems to ensure that this status continues.

To ensure that the switchover is completed smoothly for all our merchants and to maximise on the benefits generated by moving over to 3DS 2, we require that the required changes (as outlined in the linked technical documentation) be made on your systems latest by 31 March 2022. Do let us know once this change is completed on your side.

Please do reach out to your Peach Payments Account Manger, or email us at support@peachpayments.com should you have any queries about this.

Version 3.14.0 is the latest version for Android and Version 3.15.0 for iOS.

It can be downloaded here: https://peachpayments.docs.oppwa.com/tutorials/mobile-sdk/download 

username : test@merchantname.com 

password : merchantname1234 

We look forward to Peach Payments continuing to work hand-in-hand with your business, continuing our journey of growth.
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Thank you!

The Peach Payments Support Team