Debit order proceeds (credit)

Early on the Action date, 1Day and 2Day debit orders credit the Nominated account (either Paysoft or the Client's account) with the full amount of the batch. In the case of Sameday batches, the Nominated account is credited in the late afternoon of the Action date.

Debit order collections (debits)

For all service types (Sameday, 1Day and 2Day), the debits on the homing accounts (debtor accounts) take place in the late afternoon of the Action date. This is after the afternoon payment update, and after NAEDO and AEDO have run. Note that NAEDO and AEDO (the early debits) first run in the early morning of the Action date immediately after the early morning payment update, so they have considerable priority over debit orders.


Unpaids start coming in on the action date and are delivered early each morning for up to 5 days after the Action date. And after that unpaid disputes can continue.