The rates for AMEX are typically 1% higher than for Visa and MasterCard. Please note that AMEX also charges a R100.00 set-up fee. AMEX has a separate set-up process, as explained below:

This payment brand is only available on the Nedbank merchant account.

Please note that a company Director (listed on the company documents) would need to sign these forms.
Alternatively, you may include a director's resolution authorizing the said signatory to complete the application


Below is the process for setting up AMEX and attaching this to your Nedbank merchant account.

In total, there will be two documents for AMEX to be completed- the AMEX application form and the Safekey addendum. 

  • Complete and sign the AMEX application form (NB. Please initial the highlighted parts on page 2 of the application form)
  • Complete and sign the AMEX Safekey Addendum. The Safekey Addendum will be the agreement between the merchant and AMEX. With Safekey, the Fraud Liability Shift will apply to all our merchants.

    It will work as it does with Visa and MasterCard, so Safekey is like the 3DS of AMEX. This means that liability shifts from you to the issuer and you should not be liable for a chargeback if you as the merchant attempt/process a Safekey transaction.
  • Please initial each page of the AMEX SafeKey addendum as well.

Once the completed forms are returned to us, we submit these to AMEX. AMEX will then process the application, then enable Safekey (3DSecure for AMEX).

This process usually takes about 7 - 10 business working days.

If you wish to have AMEX configured for your merchant account, please may you email us at and we can assist you with the application process.