Peach payments settles merchants using the Peach merchant account (ABSA aggregation) on a weekly basis for transactions processed via credit / debit card.

The reference for this in your bank account will be PEACH06062019 (this is the settlement for the 6th of June 2019)

All transactions processed from Thursday till Wednesday 23:59:59, once reflected on the Peach merchant account, will be settled on a Thursday and should reflect in the business bank account anywhere from Thursday to Friday.


How to see which transactions are included in a weekly settlement.

  1. Select the date range (Previous Thursday until Wednesday 23:59:59)

  2. If you are viewing the BIP, please enter "DB", "RF", "CP", "Success" in the search filter bar

  3. This will then show all successful transactions that result in the balance to be settled

  4. You can also export these in CSV for upload into your accounting system