This guide shows you how to process a refund in the Peach Payments BIP dashboard.

There are two types of refunds :

1. A full refund (refund of the presentation amount)

2. Partial refund

Please be aware that your profile may only support one refund (full/partial) unless otherwise configured on your merchant account.

How to process a refund:

1. Log into the Business Intelligence Portal at 

2. Find the payment you would like to refund. 

You can do this by inserting the transaction/order ID of the payment, specifying the date the payment was made, or by using any of the other filters provided. 


3. Once you've found the desired transaction, click on it. 

Detailed information about the transaction should pop up. 

Click on the Actions tab.

For a full refund, select "Presentation Amount", and then click Refund.

For a partial refund, select 'Other Amount', specify the custom amount you would like refunded and then click Refund.

4. A small page should pop up with optional fields to fill in. You do not have to fill these in, but for better communication, you may include a reason and reference for the refund. Click submit.


You should then receive a notice confirming that the refund was successfully processed. 

To view the successful refund, search for the transaction ID of the initial transaction and the refund should be visible.

NB:  A refund on a transaction older than 6 months will have to be processed manually by our team.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, pop us an email at