By loading debit order beneficiaries on the system, the system will automatically generate the batch on the correct date every month for processing. So this enables you to process recurring debit orders.

This can be done manually, or via API - see attached guides on this.

You can add or manage an existing beneficiary, change date amount or frequency of debit order. If a beneficiary is created – either individually or per batch upload, the beneficiary will be active for the full term as per the dates stipulated, if there is no ending date, it will continue until it is canceled.



When setting up Debit order beneficiaries, when you put the start and end date and you can add the number of installments instead of putting in the end date. You can, for example, say you need the installments for 12 months.

Beneficiary Debit Orders are automatically two-day service (2Day). Thus, the beneficiaries need to be entered or updated 3 days before they are required: the debit orders are generated very early on the day they need to be submitted to the bank.

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