Batch upload cut-off times


Debit order batches need to be uploaded before a certain cut-off time to be processed. The cut-off time depends on the Service Type that you use: Same Day (SDV), 1Day and 2Day.


Cut-off times per service type

Service type Cut-off time
SDV 14h00
1Day 12h00
2Day 11h00


Example: if you want debit orders to bank on Friday

Service type When uploading the batch you use Due date: and upload the batch:
SDV Friday before Friday 14h00
1Day Thursday before Thursday 12h00
2Day Wednesday before Wednesday 11h00


If you upload a batch later than the cut-off time it will not process, in that case you have to change the Due date to the next day.

If you still want the debit orders to bank on your intended day, please change the Service Type (from 2Day to 1Day or from 1Day to SDV).

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