Accept card payments with Peach payments Open Payment Platform Wallee connector 




How to setup Wallee account available here




- Sign up for Wallee (This is the plugin)

- We setup test account and send TEST API credentials to configure as TEST connector into Wallee


Once LIVE we then supply LIVE API credentials and merchant can create a LIVE connector in Wallee




A note on foreign currency acceptance :


Reserve bank requires merchants to be settled in ZAR. The payment data therefore can only be processed and settled by in ZAR.




Why currency converters are NOT recommended :


- Customer will always be charged a different amount to what the currency converter displays - this is because their bank may charge additional fees and also the exchange rate applied by the bank is always different to what the acquirer and the currency converter applies.


- In event of refunds, a different exchange rate is also applied which adds to the confusion and reconciliation difficulties.





What our current merchants do is display in ZAR since the merchant is a South African legal entity.


Foreign customers can still transact and their expectations are managed in terms of what amount they will be billed (since they will do a rough estimation rather than have a fixed expectation)