The rates for Diners Club are typically 1% higher than for Visa and MasterCard.

Peach Payments has been granted certification for ProtectBuy V2.0. As a result, Diners Club offers the option of using 3D secure.

Please see the Diners Club set-up process below:

  • For the Diners Club set-up process, they run their own KYC process (Know Your Client process). This means that Diners will do some additional merchant onboarding process with similar documents that have already been provided for the merchant account application (e.g. FICA documents). 
  • There will be a separate merchant agreement between Diners Club and the merchant. 
  • You, as the merchant, will be in contact with them directly and once you have completed the process with them, they will let us know and we can enable and configure Diners Club for you.

Please note:


The below refers to a PA = PreAuth and how long the merchant has to Capture the funds for Diners cards 

  • Any transactions out of the 30-day SLA will be subjected to chargeback.

Credit Charge:

  • Transaction sales date, or date on the Charge Form, must be more than 30 days prior to the Processing Date.
  • An Aggregated Transit Transaction with a Contactless Chip Payment Device by a Service Establishment in MCC 4111, 4112, or 4131 where the Service Establishment submitted a single Sales Data file for Aggregated Transit Transactions in more than fourteen (14) calendar days after the date of the positive Authorization Response.