Please see below for the easy step-by-step process for locating and extracting specific transaction information from the BIP:

  1. Login into the BIP and select your company or a channel for which you want to view transaction data:
    1. Click on the transactions icon on top of the page
    2. This will show you all the transactions for the day
    3. Click on the "+" icon to left of your company name to view transactions for a specific channel only (see below)
  2. Select the desired time period for which you want to view the transactions:
    1. Use the “From” and “To” fields on the transactions page. (For example from: 06-12-2004 00:00:00 and to: 12-12-2004 23:59:59)
  3. Click on search to display all the transactions for your selected time period (provided the date range is not too wide):
    1. If the data range is too wide please search for either the cardholder surname or the Transaction ID
    2. If all else fails, search for the transaction amount and work your way from there (there is an option to search by exact transaction amount or within a range)
  4. After locating the transaction you are looking for, click on it to display detailed (Non-sensitive) information on the transaction and card holder. 
  5. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + P (For Windows users) or  Cmd + Shift + P (For Mac users) to display the print settings, then change the printer settings to print it as PDF (This will allow you to save the document as a PDF).