There is an easy to use built-in utility in the BIP that will let you export data to your choice of file format.

  1. Login into the BIP and select your company or a channel for which you want to export data.
    1. Click on the transactions icon on top of the page
    2. Now click on the desired entity in tree on left side
    3. This will show you all the transactions for the day
  2. Select the desired time period for which you want to view the transactions.
    1. Use the “From” and “To” fields on the transactions page. (For example from: 06-12-2004 00:00:00 and to: 12-12-2004 23:59:59)
  3. If you want to view or export only specific transactions then use the filters to narrow your search results
  4. Click on the “search” button. After a few seconds you should see the transactions that were sent for the time period you just selected
  5. Once the desired transactions are displayed on the page then click on the “Export” icon..
    1. You can find this icon below the “Search” button. It looks like the common “save” icon (see below for icon)
  6. In the popup window that opens select the data fields for the transactions you want to export.
    1. You can select and deselect fields by moving them to the right or left box respectively
  7. If you don’t get any popup window please make sure you don’t have a popup blocker active
  8. Now select the parameters for the file format you would like data to be in.
  9. Click on the button “export” to download the file.