This article covers the process of how the merchant can sign up for Paypal REST using provided URL by Peach Payments.

Step 1: The merchant will receive the URL to sign up as below, once the merchant has been configured for Paypal REST. 

Step 2: The merchant will need to click on the link, login with their credentials, and grant permission to complete the onboarding. Or copy the below link and paste it on a new browser tab/window to complete the merchant onboarding.

Step 3: Once permission has been granted on the Paypal page, merchant onboarding is completed webhook notification will be sent to Peach Payments by Paypal.

Once the webhook has been received by Peach Payments, peach consumes this webhook and it is processed. As part of the processing, the fields of Merchant Accounts will be updated on Peach Payments automatically and merchant onboarding at Peach Payment will be finished.