Instant EFT is a secure, convenient way to receive payments via online stores or payment links

Make payments work for you

Instant EFT is simple and convenient 

  • Payments are made directly to your account

  • None of the transaction limitations of manual EFTs

  • Payment verification means no fraudulent transaction charge-backs

Keep it flowing

Instant EFT keeps customers on your site

  • Customers make secure payments on site without switching to internet banking

  • Payment flows without your customer picking up a bank card

  • Streamlined checkout increases customer conversion rate

Sales that move

With instant payment verification, you can fulfill sales without delay

  • Start preparing delivery or initiate services from the moment a transaction is made

  • Stock doesn’t have to sit whilst waiting for a manual EFT to clear

  • Faster fulfillment means faster service and happier customers

Easy Accounting

Reduce payment reconciliation time linking payments with products

  • Less admin with automated payment-to-transaction allocations

  • Transactions are settled daily for ISO and weekly for aggregation

  • Simple widget integration embeds easily into your Peach Payments checkout

Extend your reach

Access a wider market with an extra payment option available to anyone with a bank account

  • Accessible to those who can’t pay with card

  • Transact in industries that don’t allow card payments

  • Send Instant EFT payment links without the need for an online store