Safe and secure card payments that give your customers the confidence to pay online

Your Business First

  • Removes the hassles of chargebacks

  • Easily activated  through the Peach Payments Checkout - no API necessary

  • Payments are settled weekly

  • Refunds are processed through Peach Payments’ integration

Your customers win

  • No card necessary - customers access their Mobicred credit with a login and OTPs 

  • Customers can make urgent purchases before payday

  • Customers can take advantage of specials, even if they don’t have funds in hand

No Risk to You

  • Customers are  credit scored by Mobicred, with no default risk to your business

  • Your payments are received in full upon purchase

  • Credit is underwritten by RCS

Revolving Credit

  • Give your customers access to up to R20 000 credit

  • Encourage customers to make larger purchases that they can pay off over time

  • Once their payment is settled, customers can access the credit again