When are Settlements made into your Bank Account if using the Peach Merchant Account/Standard Peach Account Option:
  • Settlements for the total of the week's worth of transactions are deposited into your bank account every Thursday free of charge
  • For settlements you get the accumulated total of the prices listed on the website and you get debited at the end of the month for the transaction fees - this allows for easier accounting consolidation using our Console tool accessed by URL which you will receive after signing up)
  • For  Thursdays Settlement Consolidation you will Filter the Dates - Thursday (beginning of Thurs.) - Wednesday (end of Wed - 23:59:59)

When are per transaction Fees deducted?
  • When you get sent the Peach Contract you will see an Appendix with a Debit Order Authorisation Form - this is so we can debit/deduct the accumulated total of the per transaction fees at the end of the month
  • You will receive an invoice at the end of every month with the details of the amount due to be debited/deducted off your account

Steps to find out a list of transactions included in your batch settlement:

The standard view when you log into the Peach Console (https://console.peachpayments.com/) is to only display today's transactions - in order to view your transaction history there are several filter options available in the Console (see screengrab below):

  1. Click on "Filter" button
  2. Click on the "Date" drop down box and select your date range (Beginning of Thursday - Wednesday 23:59:59)
  3. Click on "Apply"
  4. There is also an option to export an excel file of your selected date range of transactions

VIDEO: How to find transactions included in settlement batch - Peach Merchant Account

NB on Video - Please select the correct/relevant timeframe - This video is only a guide. (Thursday - Wednesday 23:59:59)

  • To look for multiple transactions that match a certain criteria, you would use the Filter.
    There are 16 filters in total. Take the time to see how you can use them to refine your transaction results.
    The most helpful filter would be the Date filter, which allows you to choose transactions between and for certain dates.

How to Export Transactions:

Once you’ve found the transaction/s you’ve been looking for, you can now export them into an excel sheet or document for further usage. 


  • Click Export on the top right corner of your Transaction screen.


  • Confirm that you would like to Export.

  • Navigate back to your Dashboard. Click on the Export Transactions tab. Your export file will be available and ready for download.