How to Use to Peach Payments Console and how to do reconciliation if you are using Nedbank as your acquiring facility.

If you are using Nedbank as your acquiring facility, this means that Nedbank will handle the settlement of those funds and as Nedbank handles those funds, they will know which transaction form part of the batch settlement amount for card transactions. 

Nedbank settles in a lump sum amount for the previous day. 

Example, you had 10 transactions on Monday and received a lump sum settlement amount of R1000, this lump sum settlement amount is referred to as a batch settlement. 

Each batch settlement will have a unique 4 digit number at the end of the reference showing on your bank statement. 

Nedbank settlement references show on your statement as Nedlink 8 digits 4 digits. 

The last 4 digits is referred to as a batch number.

As Nedbank handles the amount that was settled to you as the merchant, Nedbank provide would need to provide the reconciliation aspect of the batch settlement which would tell you which transactions form part of the batch settlement amount. 

Previously, the reconciliation files (referred to as mark-off data), would be sent to you directly from Nedbank, this has proven to be challenging since the mark-off data does not include the transaction ID. 

At Peach Payments, we have listened to our merchants and we have been working hard to improve processes and designed a report for our merchants to reconcile their batch settlements and know which transactions form part of that settlement. 

First step: request access to the Peach Payments Console dashboard. 

This will give you access to the recon (reconciliation) reports available. 

The recon reports are updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Our team have been working hard on the reconciliation and have now launched a easy to access monthly Nedbank - Peach recon files within the Peach Payments Dashboard: only Administrators have access

Within the Console, navigate to:

Merchants > 

Reconciliation and click on Download

For more ad-hoc recon reporting, see below:

When you login to the Console, navigate to the Transactions tab on the left menu:

When I log into the Console I can't see any transactions? 

Once logged on, the Dashboard will show you Today's transactions. To view your transactions, select "transactions", click on the "Recon" and use the "filter" tab on the right of the screen to select a date range to view:

You will need to use the Filter button, select the date range required and click on Apply.

Then Click on "Export CSV":

You will need to navigate to the Export Transactions tab to download the report. 

This report is known as a Recon by Transaction report:

  1. Transaction report - this provides you with a breakdown of the batch settlements done to the merchant bank account and which transactions are settled in the batch.

Recon Report

Transaction Report:

You will be able to use this data in a Pivot table to have a high-level overview.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team via email: