Peach Payments is already integrated into the SB Tech System.

Once a merchant is set up with Peach Payments and API credentials provided to them, SB Tech then configures the merchant to accept payments through their platform.

Where do we set up a merchant to use SB Tech? :

Merchants are set up in the QA console and LIVE Console.

QA Console URL:

LIVE Console: 

QA console Login are the same with the credentials you are using on Sandbox Console.

How is a Merchant Setup?: 

Merchant is set up the same as Checkout.

Create a checkout channel and attached Merchant accounts to the checkout. No whitelisting is Needed.

Which Payment Methods do I setup?:

Cards, EFTSecure, OZOW and Masterpass

Which Credentials do I provide Merchant?:

Send the below credentials to SBTech. The API Secret is the Secret Token and the API Merchant Reference is the Entity ID:

Its important to use the below wording because this is how SB Tech calls them on their system.

API Secret: 

API Merchant Reference:

What are the API Endpionts? :


Pay In Request:

Check Status Request:


Pay-In Request:

Check Status Request:  

The attached Payment provider form will be added to  the Macro.