Declaration to run KYC checks on the Organization

This is to certify that I/We, _____________________________________________________________________­­­­­­­


In my/our capacity as Director or Representative of ________________________________________­­ (hereinafter “Merchant”)


Hereby authorize Peach Payments Kenya Ltd (hereinafter “Peach Payments”) to verify information presented on my merchant account application form and in any submitted documents for the purpose of conducting Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. I/ we hereby authorize Peach Payments to:


  1. Obtain bank account verification directly from the relevant financial institution where the Merchant’s business account is held. The financial institutions involved will exchange no further information than verifying bank account details, and these will be safeguarded and not used for any other purposes. 
  2. Obtain company and directorship verification from the Companies’ Registry. 
  3. Obtain the relevant credit bureau record regarding the above business from the relevant Credit Bureau.


I confirm that my consent is explicit, fully informed and freely given for the purposes of the KYC verification stated above. 



Signed at ­­­­­­­­­­______________________________ on ________________________________________2021


Merchant’s duly authorized signature:      ____________________________________________________