Mobicred offers an online credit facility that enables buyers to access credit and make online purchases on the merchant's website. Merchants can now enable Mobicred as a payment method on their Peach Payments Account. As the merchant, you receive the full value upfront, and the customer is charged in installments.

To get started, the merchant will need to register for a Mobicred Merchant Account and complete the Mobicred integration.

Mobicred Merchant Account Application

To register for a Mobicred Merchant Account, please complete and sign the following Mobicred terms of service (see attached) and return to Peach Payments team:

  • Mobicred Merchant Agreement 
  • Mobicred Settlement Annexure 1

Mobicred sandbox

Please reach out to the Peach Payments Team at to provide you with test environment access to begin Mobicred Payment integration and testing.

Mobicred Rates

Please note that Mobicred will charge a merchant commission percentage in respect of all approved Mobicred transactions. The rate will always be indicated in the Mobicred Agreement. The standard merchant commission percentage is 3.5%.

Peach Payments will not charge any special fees for Mobicred transactions and the same transaction fees for card transactions will apply to Mobicred transactions.