Android permissions in Peach Payments mobile SDK

More information on what permissions the Peach Payments android mobile SDK may require, depending on the payment method and functionality used in your native app below :


is required for additional protection of payment methods with device authentication (Touch Id or Passcode). This is an optional feature which you can enable/disable separately for each payment method. This is not necessary if your app doesn’t use that option. 


is required because mSDK collects additional information about the shopper device (device id, model, OS version and etc) and sends this information to the server with the transaction. Where applicable, this can be used for further risk management and general troubleshooting


is required because mSDK logs different aspects while the shopper engages with the checkout form and writes it down to the file. mSDK sends the log to the server and this is available in the standard merchant dashboard (BIP) transaction log (this transaction log is only available to Peach payments operators).

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE

are required for Alipay native SDK (which can be included to the mSDK). It’s not necessary if you do not use Alipay.