Webhooks integration documentation is available here

Once you are ready, please send the following details to support@peachpayments.com to get your webhooks registered and receive a decryption key :

  • Technical email address
  • Webhooks URL (must be HTTPS in LIVE) 
  • Payment types to receive notifications for (eg. Debits, refunds etc)
  • Indicate your preference for JSON wrapped notifications or 

Some additional notes on webhook integration:

1. Upon receiving the notification to your webhook url the system will expect an HTTP 200 response.
2. Only webhooks sitting on port 80 and port 443 are guaranteed to work
3. In order to register the webhook, we send a test notification to see if the webhook is configured correctly on your side. If either one of the first two points above is not satisfied, registration will fail. 
4. The test notification is a 206 character HTTP Post (Content-Length=206)
5. We require that you test the webhook in the TEST system before configuring it for LIVE.


An example notification looks like this:


X-Authentication-Tag: 9CDE76F1E157428D3CFF8CBCB5E5BFED

Accept-Encoding: gzip


X-Dynatrace: FW1;-1;-2107993456;7056;15;-2107993456;7056;3

X-Initialization-Vector: F0B3A54CC4043F28BE7CA326

Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8

X-Request-Id: 67c70736-b4b6-4369-84a2-ecaf00e7f0ec

Content-Encoding: UTF-8

Cf-Ray: 3a86a01909170f75-FRA

Via: 1.1 vegur

Connect-Time: 0

Cf-Ipcountry: DE

User-Agent: Apache-HttpClient

Content-Length: 206

Total-Route-Time: 0

Cf-Visitor: {"scheme":"https"}

Connection: close

Host: requestb.in