Our online documentation for Copy and Pay demonstrates the minimum requirements for creating online payment transactions. However, there is additional customer data we highly recommend that you include in the STEP 1 - Prepare CheckoutID request. Additional data items are required for various processes including reconciliation and risk management.

You can access the complete list of available parameters here:

Peach Payments REST API Reference

Please include the following parameters in your checkoutId request (some may not apply eg. shipping address with virtual products)

These are added in the same way as the other parameters such as Currency and Amount that are currently being sent.

  • merchantTransactionId

  • customer.givenName
  • customer.surname
  • customer.email

  • shipping.street1 
  • shipping.street2
  • shipping.city
  • shipping.state
  • shipping.postcode
  • shipping.country

Optional to include:

  • customer.mobile


  • The merchantTransactionId is the order ID from your shopping cart / order management system. This references ties your order with the payment request.

  • Please use the country code ZA for South Africa.

  • Please make sure to format your amount field correctly.