On challenge you may face when working with Phone Gap and using the Copy and Pay widget is the redirect back to Response URL (you specify this in the <form action> part of the code).

In general, for redirecting back you would always need a full URL. Otherwise COPYandPAY would not be able to redirect to the page where you have the GetStatus code.

But you could do following:
- As soon the shopper clicks pay
- You implement a background ajax request which checks every second if the payment is done.
- And if he receives a "payment done", you could do what ever you want.

On the iframe issue i.e. if you are embedding the Copy and Pay widget into an iframe, please put the COPYandPAY within an iframe and do the following two things:

- the name of the iframe needs to be cnpIframe
-> <iframe name="cnpIframe" .....

- In GenerateToken you need to send following parameter