Query on EFTSecure refunds - If the merchant's bank account has special permissions, EFT refunds will not work. Some accounts require one user to upload a payment and another user to authorise the payment to be made.


How the issue shows on EFT system :

If merchant attempts a refund, the login into the bank account is successful (and hence merchant may receive a notification of the successful login) but the page stays loading until closed.

- With EFTSecure, merchant can process partial/full refund on the EFT transaction. This is a reverse EFT payment so merchant has to enter their internet banking details to make the payment

- If bank account has special permissions, then the refund (reverse EFT) will not work. 


Solution :

The merchant would need to process refunds externally via their internet banking.

There is currently no way for the EFTSecure system to get notified of the authorisation of the payment and so this breaks the flow. Even if a user that is authorised to approve payments logs in, the same issue occurs.