Tokenization using the mobile SDK is as easy as following the steps in our documentation available here:

Tokenization of card data is always 3D Secure authenticated.

One-click checkout in the mobile SDK will force 3D Secure on recurring/subscription payments unless the following steps are followed:

1. Add the following parameter in your payment request:


2. Contact us ( and notify us that you would like to bypass 3D Secure for all subsequent payments. We will update your merchant account configuration to allow this.

Updated to this article - change of endpoint:



Current Domain

New Domain


Customer Test (Staging)

Once you have successfully completed the steps outlined above please ensure you have checked all your API calls to have updated/are using the new endpoint

FAQ’s around the Endpoint Change:

  • Are credit card tokens shared between and

    • Yes, this will have no impact on any tokens that have been created or any new tokens.

  • Is the same data shared between the two endpoints? ie. If we did a card authorisation on, would the capture succeed on -

    • Yes, the same data is shared and available. 

  • With regards to transactions we see on BIP, is this data also shared between the two?

    • Yes, it’s the same BIP and Console, there is no difference. 

Deadline - End of June 2022 the current endpoint will be deactivated/redundant