Use Case:

The user enters the amount on the checkout page OR the amount changes on the checkout page and the merchant doesn't want to refresh the Copy and Pay widget. 

Is it possible for the merchant to change the amount without generating a new checkoutID?


It is possible to implement this, it requires the merchant to trigger a server-to-server call prior to submitting the widget.

Once the widget is loaded, and the user clicks submit (at which point we assume the final amount is known) an event can be triggered before the form is actually submitted.

The events triggered for different payment methods are listed here:

API reference:

Events of relevance: onBeforeSubmitCard, onBeforeSubmitDirectDebit, onBeforeSubmitOnlineTransfer, onBeforeSubmitVirtualAccount

As these events are triggered the merchant must execute the following steps:

  • Post the new amount to /checkouts/{id},
  • Receive a successful response from Peach Payments server
  • Continue with submitting to /checkouts/{id}/payment

If the response in step 2 is not successful then you must abort the payment process on your end.

The merchant should already have the checkoutId for the current request (similar to E366DFBC17F56D051F1F4A9A6B1FBD06.sbg-vm-tx02)

In the steps below replace {id} with your checkoutID i.e. in our example this would be E366DFBC17F56D051F1F4A9A6B1FBD06.sbg-vm-tx02

The URLs listed below are relative and depending on the test or live system would be added to the following hosts:

Updated to this article - change of endpoint:



Old Domain

Current Domain


Customer Test (Staging)

Once you have successfully completed the steps outlined above please ensure you have checked all your API calls  have been updated to/are using the new endpoint.

FAQ’s around the Endpoint Change:

  • Are credit card tokens shared between and

    • Yes, this will have no impact on any tokens that have been created or any new tokens.

  • Is the same data shared between the two endpoints? ie. If we did a card authorisation on, would the capture succeed on

    • Yes, the same data is shared and available. 

  • With regards to transactions we see on BIP, is this data also shared between the two?

    • Yes, it’s the same BIP and Console, there is no difference. 

Deadline - End of June 2022 the old endpoint is now deactivated/redundant