This article is to assist with resetting your password for our Console -

Once you have been added to the account on the Peach Payments Console, if at anytime, you forgot your password or if you are wanting to change your password you can use the Forgot Password function on the Peach Payments Console landing page:

You will need to enter your email address that has been added to the Console and click on Send Reset Link

You will get an email from with either a temporary password (please ensure you change your password when you first log in) or you will receive a link to reset your password. 

When you have clicked on the link, you will need to create a new unique password. Please ensure you have stored the password securely and do not share it with anyone else. 

You will need to type out your password, then click on Change Password. 

When you have created your password and clicked on Change Password, you will be redirected back to the Login page to enter your email address and password which you have created. 

If you would like to change your password at any stage, when you have logged in, click on your profile and click on Change Password:

You will be presented with the below option to change your current password:

You will need to add a recovery email address, please ensure to use the same email address which is used to access the console. 

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Call: 021 200 5877