How to Process Refunds:

Please note that only Card Transactions can Refunded from the Peach Console ie. EFT, Masterpass cannot be refunded from the Peach Console


1. When clicking on a transaction, details of the transaction will be made available to you. On the top right corner there will be a Refund button. Click it.

Specify the amount you would like to refund. You could refund only half of the amount if required. You may also add a note explaining the reason behind the refund. Click Submit.

Notes about refunds:

  • The refund will reflect in the customer’s account within 3 to 10 working days.
  • A refund on a transaction older than 6 months will have to be processed manually by our team.
  • Please contact for assistance.
  • A proof of refund will be made available 24 hours after the refund has been processed.

How to download a Proof of Refund:

  • Search the transaction ID of the payment you refunded.  Click on the Refund version of that payment.

  • Click the Refund Proof button on the top right corner.