We have merchants who have requested that for their online shop they want to allow only local cardholders to be able to transact through their website and for all cardholders who are non-local not to be able to purchase through their website. In this request we can use Individual whitelist country by BIN, by enabling this feature we will be able to block transactions for non- local cardholders by whitelisting the country.

Below are the steps :

  • Step 1

Login to BIP go to that specific merchant -> Blacklist -> BIN Blacklist.

  • Step 2 

Select BIN Type -> and chose BIN_COUNTRY and click search. This will retrieve all whitelisted or blacklisted countries.

  • Step 3 

On this step you need to upload a .csv file with countries you want to whitelist. 

See below for the attached file example.  

Country have to be Alpha-2 code you can reference here 

  • Step 4

Upload your csv file. Blacklist -> BIN Blacklist -> Select BIN Type as BIN_COUNTRY and select UPLOAD. Map to where your file is saved and upload the file.

  • Step 5

Once file has been uploaded you will need enable risk check "Individual Whitelist Country by BIN (iw.cb)" to true. Risk Management -> Risk Cheks -> Blacklist and Whitelists -> Individual Whitelist Country by BIN (iw.cb) and enable this risk check to true.

Please make sure when you making these changes you upload the csv file and change risk setting on the merchant level, because once  csv file is uploaded on PSP level and risk check enabled on PSP level all other non-local transactions will be blocked all over Peach.