Use case: A merchant wants to show prices to a foreign customer in their preferred currency while still charging in the currency set up on their account e.g. ZAR.

By use of the paid plugin here: CURCY – WooCommerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher

WooCommerce merchants will be able to make their store display as showcased in the below screenshots.

1. The Shop page and other pages where product pricing is shown via the WooCommerce API will be converted to one of many currencies based on the plugin settings and location of the customer.

2. The cart page should still show the prices in the customer's preferred currency - however, this can be changed in the settings.

3. When going to the Checkout process the customer will be shown the true ZAR prices that are going to be charged in red

The plugin specifically states that "(You will be billed: R X.xx)".

4. The card widget will render as normal after the previous stage, displaying the checkout currency which in this case is ZAR.

5. Same for the Peach Checkout page, prices are shown as the Checkout currency ZAR.

How this is done:

You will need the following settings, some may be slightly different based on the display currencies per country

  1. In the general settings, ensure that the plugin is enabled. And that you have set ZAR as the default currency. Then add the currencies you want to display prices in. For example, this setup has USD and KES added.

  2. In the location settings set the currency to be displayed based on the customer's location

  3. In the Checkout settings,
    Ensure that the first Enable (For pay in many currencies) is DISABLED and that Enable Cart Page is also DISABLED. 
    Ensure that ZAR is set as the default and all other currencies are marked as "No" for the Checkout Currency
    Ensure that "Display multi currencies" is enabled. This setting will show the customer the price that they will pay in ZAR 

  4. The rest of the settings can be left as the default. Just check the "Update" tab to ensure that currency updates are done at 30 minute intervals

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