To set up a Kenyan Merchant, follow these steps:

1. Retrieve Credentials and set up 3D-Secure:

  • You receive all the credentials needed to do the setup from Equity Bank, except the API Password.
  • To generate and retrieve the API Password; we use the below credentials, which you will receive from the Account Manager:



Operator ID: 


  • Navigate to "Integration Settings", as seen in the below screenshot:

  •  Click "Generate New" to get a new API Password, tick the box, copy the password, and click save:

  • Next, navigate to "Transaction Filtering -> 3-D Secure Rules" to set up 3D Secure on the merchant profile:

  • Ensure the following are always ticked, and when instructions specify to set to fully 3D authenticated, ensure the final box is also ticked:

2. Create the Merchant Account in the Peach Console:

  • Under Merchant Accounts -> New Merchant account -> Clearing Institute = Enquity Bank:

  • Next, set up the Live Credentials with the Merchant ID receive from EB, and the API Password you generated:

  • NB: Do not switch "Support 3D Secure?" to active here!

  • Lastly, create a new Channel, name it, and attach the merchant account to that channel.

3. Navigate to the BIP to complete the Setup:

  • First, navigate to "Admin -> Account Data"
  • Search for the Merchant name -> select it.
  • Look for "Available Merchant Accounts" and find the account you just set up:

  • Ensure Merchant Region is set to "Asia Pacific":

  • Next, go to the CHANNEL LEVEL, and then navigate to "Risk Management -> Risk Checks -> External Checks -> 3D Settings" and ENABLE 3D Secure on the channel level:

  • Then, on the MERCHANT LEVEL, navigate to "Blacklist -> BIN Blacklist" - "BIN Type = BIN_Country":

  • Upload the "CountryByBIN_whitelist_KE.csv" document attached at the bottom of this article

  • Lastly, navigate to "Risk Management -> Risk Checks -> Blacklists and Whitelists -> Individual Whitelist Country by BIN (iw.cb)" and set to TRUE: