Below is the full list of criteria to be met when applying for a ABSA Multi-Currency Merchant Account:

Must have a physical business address location for a site visit by ABSA, to confirm that business location

Proof of stock by way of copy of latest suppliers’ invoice or signed drop ship agreement

 Minimum Business Requirements
·        Clear & sound business record
·        No products/services deemed unsuitable
·        Merchants are selected according to viability of business plan, financial practice of business and owners

Minimum Website Requirements
·        Fully Developed Website
·        Business Trading Address & Contact Details to be displayed on website
·        Refund Policy to be displayed on website
·        IP Address
·        Web Developer Contact Name & Number

Documentation Required
·        Company Registration and ownership documentation
·        Identity Documents of all directors / members / owners
·        VAT certificate
·        Business plan
·        Service level agreement with couriers

If the site is not ready, please can you provide a test link for us to verify the requirements below

•      Conduct virtual site visit
•      A screenshot of the site must be saved with the application
•      Validate security protocols on the merchant’s website and confirm that these protocols meet the minimum security standards as required for PCI (protecting Cardholder Inforamtion).
•      Validate help facilities
•      Validate description of goods and/or services
•      Validate e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers in the event of a dispute.
•      Validate privacy statement if any on web-sites regarding disputes/conflict
•      Validate return/refund policy on the web-site