Before processing, perform the following checks:

1. Search on merchant in the BIP, for any CD already performed to prevent duplicating refund (you can also search for this amount and CP filtered)

2. Obtain middle-6 digits by sending ticket number and UID to person authorised to provide such 

3. Ensure you are allowed (authorised to process such transactions) ONLY Application Engineers to process 

4. Most critical once complete clear the "card number" field

A more than 6 months refund is executed using Dexter's payment lab. 

  • In the menu navigate to the Tools tab then click Script Editor
  • Then select Chris' Playground
  • In Chris' Playground select in the left panel
  • Then scroll down to the function credit() parameters
  • Change the parameters based on the transaction you would like to refund
    • authentication.userId and authentication.password (you can get this in the console under the development tab)
    • authentication.entityId (It's the Channel Id of the transaction but you can also find it in the console under channel info)
    • amount (amount to be refunded)
    • currency (as on the transaction)
    • paymentType: CD (should always be CD(credit))
    • paymentBrand (as on the transaction)
    • card.number (as on the transaction)
    • card.holder (as on the transaction)
    • card.expiryMonth (as on the transaction)
    • card.expiryYear (as on the transaction)
    • merchantTransactionId (This is the Transaction ID)
  • On the select function drop down menu tab select the Credit option
  • Then click the run option 

Watch video for reference: