You can access the Console at

The Console is where merchants may view all incoming transactions from their clients, once they’ve been added to our Live system.*

Please note, if you are wanting to cancel a refund depending on your acquiring service will depend if this is possible. 

  • Absa - Absa is not able to cancel a refund.
  • Peach Payments Aggregation account which uses Absa - Absa is not able to cancel a refund.
  • FNB - FNB is not able to cancel a refund.
  • Nedbank - Nedbank is able to cancel a refund and can take up to 5working day to cancel the refund.

Please note the below payment methods are available for refund:

  • Card transaction - Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners
  • Mobicred
  • Scan To Pay (Masterpass)
  • Apple Pay
  • Payflex
  • 1Voucher
  • PayPal
  • FinChoicePay
  • Aplus store cards - only available for Pepkor group

Scan To Pay (Masterpass)

Refunds are not allowed on Debit cards. You can process a reversal on the debit card, however, it can only be done within 6 hours of the original transaction date via Masterpass service.

Let us know if there is anything we’ve left out- this document is in a constant state of development and feedback would be appreciated!


Please note the below payment methods are NOT available for refund:

  • Instand EFT
  • EFTSecure
  • Blink by Emtel
  • Zeropay
  • Capitec Pay

*Please note that you can only filter 1 month at a time

Once you have been added to the account on the Peach Payments Console, if at anytime, you forgot your password, you can use the Forgot Password function on the Peach Payments Console landing page:


Merchants can also:


  1. Export transactions 
  2. Process refunds (Only Card Transactions can be refunded from the Peach Console)
  3. Download Proof of Refunds
  4. Add members of team as a User
  5. Access different accounts with one login 


This guide will show you how to do the above.

How To View Transactions:


After logging into the console, you will land on your Dashboard. 

This is where you can see a summary of your successful transactions and refunds for the day.

To view those transactions, you would navigate to the Transactions tab.

There are three ways to look for transactions, depending on how specific you would like your results to be.

  • The first way would be to navigate to the transactions tab, where the transactions for the day will be displayed.  This will include your successful and failed Mastercard, VISA and EFT payments.


  • To look for one specific transaction, you would search using the transaction ID of a payment. The transaction ID is a code generated for each payment and can be used to identify and locate the transaction.Some might refer to this as the order ID.
    All payment processes linked to this one transaction will be displayed beneath the ID.

  • To look for multiple transactions that match a certain criteria, you would use the Filter.
    There are 16 filters in total. Take the time to see how you can use them to refine your transaction results.
    The most helpful filter would be the Date filter, which allows you to choose transactions between and for certain dates.

How to Export Transactions:

Once you’ve found the transaction/s you’ve been looking for, you can now export them into an excel sheet or document for further usage. 


  • Click Export on the top right corner of your Transaction screen.


  • Confirm that you would like to Export.

  • Navigate back to your Dashboard. Click on the Export Transactions tab. Your export file will be available and ready for download.

How to Process Refunds:

Please note that only Card Transactions can Refunded from the Peach Console ie. EFT, Masterpass cannot be refunded from the Peach Console


1. When clicking on a transaction, details of the transaction will be made available to you. On the top right corner there will be a Refund button. Click it.

Specify the amount you would like to refund. You could refund only half of the amount if required. You may also add a note explaining the reason behind the refund. Click Submit.

Notes about refunds:

  • The refund will reflect in the customer’s account within 3 to 10 working days.
  • A refund older than 3 months will have to be processed manually by our team.
  • Please contact for assistance.
  • A proof of refund will be made available 24 hours after the refund has been processed.

How to download a Proof of Refund:

  • Search the transaction ID of the payment you refunded.  Click on the Refund version of that payment.

  • Click the Refund Proof button on the top right corner.

How to Add Members of Your Team As A User:


To add a new team member to the console, please send the Name, Email Address and User Role of the member to 


We will add them to the system and trigger a password to be sent to their email addresses via


The User Roles have descending levels of access. They are:

  1. Administrator - full access, refunds etc.
  2. Developer - access to transactions and channels 
  3. Operator - viewing access only. 

How to Access Different Business with One Login:


If you have multiple accounts with Peach Payments, as an administrator or developer, you can access them all with your one email and password.  Ensure that you have informed our Support team of which accounts you’d like to be linked to.

We will then attach the accounts to your email.

On your end, you will see your business name on the left-hand side, in the center.
This is the account you are currently signed into.

Click on it, and you will see the other accounts made available to you. 



In the Merchants tab, you will have access to all of the chosen account’s data. 

This is View Only information- please inform of any information you would like added, changed or deleted. 

For a article gives some more information on common transaction declined status codes and reasons, to help understand why transactions have not been successful

Click here for a list of useful return codes and what they mean.

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Call: 021 200 5877