The process for your debit order setup is as follows:

1. Provide documents attached (outlined below)

2. Bank approval and registration of abbreviated name with the bank

3. Settle Surety Invoice for 10% of the total Expected Debit Order value for the month for once the funds received we can activate your account.

The process can take up to 6 weeks for approval at the bank.

Documents to be completed

  • Application form for Debit Orders - For the abbreviated name - this will be seen on the Debit Order (DO) clients bank statement each month when the money is deducted (received);
  • User Pre-screening Assessment (including a list of supporting FICA)
    (see example form attached with comments)
  • Debit Order (DO) Abuse letter - This is merely an acknowledgment of Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) clearing rules for both the NAEDO (Non-authenticated early debit order) and EFT PCH (Payment Clearing House) payment streams;
  • Your expected monthly volume - Once confirmed, we will generate an invoice for the surety*.
    It would be good to confirm this in the early stages of the application.

*How does the Surety deposit for Debit Orders work?
Required by the bank is the security to cover in the event of returns or losses -

To process debit orders, it is required that we keep a Surety deposit from you. This Surety deposit will be requested from you in the onboarding process.

The deposit should be at least 10% of your monthly processing volume (in ZAR).

If your monthly debit order volume exceeds the allowed volume as per your surety deposit, your debit orders will fail.

If you expect this to happen, i.e. because your total volume has increased, please contact, so we can assist you in topping up your Surety deposit.

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