This article shows you how to log into the peach payments system to submit a debit order batch so that your customers' bank accounts are debited and the funds are settled into your bank account.

Two ways of processing debit orders :

  • Manually via CSV upload at (file attached below)
  • Via API call from your system

What you need :

Debit Order Processing via CSV Upload

Please refer to the CSV template provided for Debit Orders

Once logged into the PeachPay portal, navigate to;
Collections -> Debit Orders -> Import Batch

Service type*
SDV - Submitted and Processed on the same day as action date – file can be loaded on the same day as debit order date - daily submission deadline is 15h00.

File format*
Paysoft CSV (With Headers)

Add the description and submit for processing.
If there are any failed validations – you can view and correct before submission or continue with errors ie. The errors will not be processed.

Debit Order History Report
Go to Collections -> Debit Orders ->DebitOrderHistory

The history report will provide information on all previous batches processed and the status of each transaction.
Unpaid Transaction Report
Go to Collections -> Debit Orders ->UnpaidTransactions
Here you will see all unpaid transactions and the reason for unpaid – ie insufficient funds, account closed etc.

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