The WooSubscriptions plugin handles the order management for the subscriptions and sends a trigger to the Peach Payments plugin to handle the payments for the recurring billing when payments are due.

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Some FAQs :

I would like to know, on the subscriptions plugin, what the various payment periods are i.e. monthly weekly, etc. Are they customisable?

  • The payment periods are flexible. You can view the documentation on payment schedules here 
    Please check to make sure your desired schedule is available.

Can we receive alerts as to when subscription payments are due?

  • This is handled by WooCommerce order management. You can configure emails in the WordPress backend. There are other WooThemes plugins for order notifications.

Can transaction and payment data be imported perhaps as an Excel spreadsheet?

  • You can export information into Excel from the merchant console (BIP). More on how to export data is available here.
  • WooCommerce also has some built-in reporting functionality and dashboards that you may find useful.

Do we select an email address where we receive the payment and customer details? How is this received?

  • All the payment details will be accessible in the Peach Payments Dashboard and the order details will be available in your website back-end dashboard.
  • As mentioned there are separate 3rd party plugins that you can install to add additional or custom notifications. We do not support or guarantee any of these plugins and merchants would need to test these thoroughly.

Will the customer be led to the cart/checkout function before selecting subscription payments?

  • For automatic renewal subscriptions, the customer will purchase a subscription product and add this to their cart.
  • Once they are ready to pay, they can then proceed to checkout and then enter their personal, shipping, and billing details.
  • They will then enter their card details and then pay. Once payment is done, they will be sent to a transaction result page on your website and can log into their "My Account" page, at any time, to see all their order details.
  • Their card is stored securely in our PCI-compliant vault and a token of the card is created.
  • The WooCommerce system stores this in a database and on a recurring basis, their stored card token is charged when a renewal is due.

How can a customer update their card on their WooCommerce profile?

  • Use case: Your customer has purchased a subscription in the past. Their order fails because the card that has been saved for billing has expired.
  • OPTION 1 - Customer initiated: 
    • Customers can purchase a new subscription and checkout with the new card details.
    • Customers or admins can then cancel the old order
    • Customers can also delete the old card from "My Account"
  • OPTION 2: Admin initiated (less customer involvement)
    • Once a customer's card expires, the admin can search in the WordPress Subscriptions for the customer's subscription order. (WooCommerce --> Subscriptions)
    • Click on the Subscription Order ID to edit the customer's subscription.
    • Go to the Subscriptions Actions panel at the right corner of the page
    • From the drop-down, select "Create pending renewal order"
    • This will put the subscription on hold and will offer a "pay" option next to the subscription in "My Account" for the customer to checkout with the new card (The customer needs to click on the "Orders" Tab to see the "Pay" Option to update their card
  • Please check to make sure the customer's order metadata is updated with the customer's new stored card token 

    • Install

    • it will allow you to update the hidden meta from the WordPress backend - please be careful when editing this information.

    • Log into the Peach Payments portal and search for the customer's order (Please be sure to select the customer's NEW ORDER since this will have the new stored card token (The token is the unique ID for the customer's RG (Registration) transaction - their stored card token)

    • The below custom metadata needs to store the unique ID of the RG transaction

      • In plugin versions v3.x.x or above:

        • payment_registration_id (replacing "_peach_payment_token" from v2.x.x or below)

        • If the Parent order has a field for peach_subscription_payment_method, replace this value with the payment_registration_id from the renewal order. Once complete you should be able to bill the customer.

      • In plugin versions v2.x.x or below:

        • _peach_payment_token (if available)

        • _peach_subscription_payment_method

      • You may need to add this to both the parent order and the original subscription order which stores this information