In order to determine the transaction status for transactions using the Smart Payments Platform we now have only 1 parameter that the merchant would need to evaluate.

A typical response you will receive from the Smart Payments Platform (REST API) is as follows:

"id": "8a82944a4c55ef96014c6edb51c779d5",
"paymentType": "CP",
"merchantTransactionId": "MyReferenceNo1",
"result": {
"code": "700.400.510",

"description": "capture needs at least one successful transaction of type (PA)"
"buildNumber": "20150325-114335.r182219.opp-tags-20150325_stage",
"timestamp": "2015-03-31 08:03:29+0000",
"ndc": "5fde988ae69542f88c095956bb9d827b"

The Result.Code parameter contains the response code for a successful transaction. You can also download the complete list of codes below (see link for .properties file).

Now a successful transaction contains the following result code:

LIVE system:

000.000.000 = Transaction succeeded

In addition the following result codes also signify a successful transaction (flagged for manual review for risk reasons):


On the TEST system the following success codes are also valid:

000.100.110 = Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Integrator Test Mode'
000.100.111 = Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Validator Test Mode'
000.100.112 = Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Connector Test Mode'

You can find the list of all available result codes here