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BIP Login Issues
If you are struggling to login, please note the following points: A. You may be unable to login because your account is locked. The BIP will allow ...
Tue, 28 Mar, 2023 at 1:39 PM
How do I view transactions? Once logged in, click on TRANSACTIONS Select a date range, or enter specific criteria in the filter section to narrow y...
Tue, 8 Nov, 2022 at 1:55 PM
PaySafe ( ) Login issues and FAQ help
If you are struggling to login, please note the following points:  A. You may be unable to login because your account is locked. PaySafe will allow us...
Sat, 21 Dec, 2019 at 7:15 AM
How to manually charge a stored card
This article shows how to charge a card manually once you have a stored card, via the Peach payments merchant dashboard (BIP). Peach payments tokenisation ...
Sun, 17 Jul, 2022 at 9:55 AM
Transaction Failed - transaction declined (invalid amount) (800.100.174)
This error code can be seen in the Peach System when a customer has a failed transaction attempt. Error Description:  Authorization Error (9...
Tue, 1 Mar, 2022 at 11:51 AM
BIP User Rights Per Role
See the different levels of access for the BIP dashboard:
Thu, 19 Jan, 2023 at 10:29 AM
BIP requesting for OTP
The BIP will request an OTP in error under the following conditions: The username/password has been copied and pasted instead of being typed manually. ...
Tue, 31 Jan, 2023 at 2:05 PM