What is bulk payment links

Bulk payment links make it easy for Peach Payments merchants to create up to 1000 payment links at a time by uploading CSV files through the new dashboard or using API.

Check out our short video to learn more about how to use the feature: [link to video]

Industry use cases

Improve workflow: Instead of giving 20 staff members access to the dashboard for payment link creation, details can be added on a .csv file and one staff member can be responsible for creating the links.

Simplify processes: Build automated tools that customers use to submit the required details for creating links and the files can be uploaded at specific intervals.

  • Scope of Implementation

  • Merchants can create bulk links through the Dashboard or API using CSV files.

  • The uploaded bulk file should have a maximum of 1000 rows.

  • Payment links will be created based on data pulled from a filled row in the .csv. We have provided sample CSV files in the Dashboard.

  • Payments made through created batch links can be identified using the PAYMENT_BATCHLINKS custom parameter. 

  • We will send batch notification changes if the merchant adds a notification URL.

  • Merchants can get the status of their batch through API. The results include details about the batch, the state, how many rows were processed, and how many rows were successful.

  • If the merchant uses the Dashboard, we will visually display the status of the batch in the Dashboard. If there are batch errors, we will provide details about the errors in the dashboard. 

  • Merchants will be able to download the error files (rows.csv) and error details (details.txt) directly in the dashboard.

  • All files (uploaded and errors) will be kept for 90 days before being removed from the Peach Payments system.

Cross-functional enablement

  • Merchant setup 

    • No additional setup is needed for Payment Links Dashboard users. All merchants who have access to the dashboard are able to activate payment links and start using the bulk upload feature immediately.


Merchants do not pay extra for this feature. The relevant transaction fees apply.

Technical Documentation

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